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  • $184.00

    R&R Fixtures – Centers


    For holding cylindrical parts at each end on their inside diameters. These are ideal for vision machine applications to allow complete visibility of the part.


  • $42.50

    R&R Fixtures – CMM Plate Clamp


    Non-marring setup clamp for securing fixture bases to a CMM.


  • $145.00

    R&R Fixtures – Micro Center


    Has adjustibility to hold cylindrical parts up to 26mm in length and 25mm dia. (or smaller) using a female or male tapered pin.


  • $175.00

    R&R Fixtures – Micro V Spring Clamp


    For holding parts in a V with a spring arm and adjustable end stop.

  • $115.00

    R&R Fixtures – Micro Vise Clamp


    Ideal for holding parts horizontally or vertically with minimum contact on the part.


  • $250.00

    R&R Fixtures – Mini Vise


    For clamping a small area of a part.


  • $63.00

    R&R Fixtures – Positional Tension Clamp


    Allows locking the tension clamp rotational position to avoid probing interferences from one time to the next.

  • $77.00

    R&R Fixtures – Pusher Clamp


    To push a part against standoffs or into corner. Two interchangeable tips are included.

  • $79.25

    R&R Fixtures – Screw Pusher Clamp


    For pushing and holding a part against stops by way of screwing the thumbscrew in and out to release pressure on the part.