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Thread Plug and Ring Gages
  • Thread Plug and Ring Gages

Mitutoyo: Thread Plug and Ring Gages

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Thread Plug and Ring Gages:

Product Features:

Over 4,000 inch and metric sizes of screw thread gages.
Both Standard Thread Plug Gages and Ring Gages in inventory.
Both standard sizes and special sizes.
From Micro-Miniatures to 12″ (76mm) diameter.
Go and No Go.
Available in HS Steel, Chrome Plated or Carbide.

In addition to Standard Thread Plugs and Thread Rings:

  • Thread Plug Gages.  Miniature Thread Plug Gages,  Thread Ring Gages,  Thread Setting Plugs,  Special Before Plate, Reversible Thread Gages,  S.T.I. Thread Gages,  Oil Country Gages,  Tapered Pipe Gages,  Metric Gages,  Acme Gages,  Buttress Gages,  Whitworth Gages,  Square Threads,  Hex Plugs, British Pipe Gages,  Variable Gaging,  Cylindrical Ring Gages,  Progressive Plug Gages, Pin Type Gages,  Master Disks,  Profile Gages,  M.S. Plug Gages,  A.N. Port Plug Gages,  Hose Fitting Gages,  Paddle Gages,  Leur Gages,  Flush Pin Gages,  Concentricity Gages,  True Position Gages,  Radius Gages,  Reciever Gages,  Template Gages,  Crimping Tool Gages,  Roll Thread Snap Gages (Also Cone & V),  Custom Lapping Lead Screws,  Special Thread Grinding,  Contract Jig Grinding.

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