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MicroVu Vertex 251 UC

MicroVu Vertex 251 UC
Automatic Vision Measurement System
LED Lights, surface, Backlight and Co-ax
10x6x6 inch stage travel
Touch Probe (Optional)
InSpec Metrology software
Windows 10 Operating System


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Mitutoyo Precision 24 Inch Height Gage, LH-600E

Mitutoyo Precision 24 Inch Height Gage, LH-600E

Air flotation device in XY motion

Mitutoyo dedicated Microprocessor for geometric calculations, data collection and more.

$ 5,750.00

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Pre-Owned Certified Mitutoyo AE-122 CMM

This machine is a work horse, Granite base, Gantry style 20x16x16 Inch travel.

A perfect shop floor environment machine.

Machine comes with a Calibration Sphere and a QC4000 CMM software.

The machine is under calibration and functional in a clean environment.


$ 9,695.00

Sales Tax & Freight: Extra as applicable

Payments is due via ACH to Account # 09493 42952, Routing # 122000661.


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Micro-Vu VF7 is a fast, two dimensional, high precision measurement machine.

Micro-Vu’s InSpec Metrology Software provides point-and-click simplicity, proprietary edge detection, advanced lighting control and calibration, multi-sensor integration, automated calibrations, and a clear display of measurement data and tolerances.

Automatic Part Identification

Automatically Adjusts to Part’s Orientation

Minimal Part Fixturing Required


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Optical Comparator

Starrett HD400
Dual Lens system with readout box
Convert from Metric to Inches or otherwise.
Erect image

Terms: Place your order with a nonrefundable deposit of 30% of total amount. Balance is due upon shipment in full including all applicable taxes, surcharges and fees.

Machines are available on ex-works basis. Cost does not include packaging, rigging or shipment to destination. Machines shipping to Mexico will have to ship to a shipment broker.

Payments: Payments must be made via wire transfer using the following information.
Bank of America Account # 0949342952
Routing #121000358

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Zeiss Duramax

Condition: Excellent
Machine travel: 500x500x500mm
Max. work piece weight 100 Kg.
Probe sensor: Zeiss Vast XXT
Scanning and Tactile probing
Length measurement error: 2.4+L/300
Software: 3D CAD Zeiss Calypso

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Mitutoyo 231 CMM


Measuring range: 28x28x18 Inch
A work- horse, manually operated machine
Backed with CMM Measure manager software
Renishaw MH20 probe head with TP 20 module
Easy to use software and be productive.

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Mitutoyo 241 CMM


Extra clean
Measuring range: 28x40x18 Inch
Historically, a work- horse, manually operated CMM machine
Backed with QC 5000 software
Renishaw MH20i probe head with TP 20 module
Easy to use software. Helps become productive in a short time.
New scales and encoders

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Romer arm 2 Meter with Laser


Equipped with suite of Poly-Works premium 2017 to support CAD and scanning Tripod
Absolute Arm 7-Axis 7525 SI, Experienced
7-Axis High Accuracy Arm with Integrated Scanner RSX with
2.5 m Measurement Volume. Includes:
Absolute Encoders
Zero-G Counterbalance with SmartLock
TESA TKJ 3 mm Ruby / 6 mm Ruby / 15 mm Steel Ball
RDS Calibration and Interface Software
Calibration Sphere
Travel Case and Dust Cover

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Micro-Vu Vertex 220


Best vision system for shop use.
Stage travel: 200x150x150 mm
Automatic with a programable zoom lens
Programmable lighting
Touch probe option available.
InSpec metrology software.

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