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Since 1992, Advanced Measurement Machines, Inc. has been demonstrating its expertise in precision dimensional metrology. Our expertise helps you determine the right machine or tools to suit your application and long term needs. To serve you, we carry some of the finest products from:


Micro•Vu Multi-sensor Measurement Machines are built in Windsor, California. These machines have the finest workmanship backed with over 50 years of Micro•Vu experience supported with the MicroVu proprietary InSpec Metrology software. The convenience of use and increased throughput makes Micro•Vu a preferred choice in its industry class. A complete installation, calibration, training and software programming services are available through our factory trained metrology professionals.


Zeiss CMMs are a world leader in Metrology and best known for their ingenuity, technology & reliability. The probing options offered with any Zeiss system stands a cut above anything else in the market place. Zeiss Calypso software is a driving force of the industry today.  A full advanced GD&T capability and a complete CAD interface make Calypso a breeze to use.  The ease of use and training operators has consistently made this an industry favorite.


Mitutoyo has brought competitively priced precision hand tools to the industrial world for many years and is synonymous with quality. We bring you a wide spectrum of precision hand tools and gages from Mitutoyo.


Prolink Software specializes in Data Collection & Analysis. Real-Time Data collection has become an important element of today’s manufacturing and maintaining quality records. Prolink collects and analyzes data eliminating errors due to human intervention, thus preserving the integrity of the information. When combined with SPC Buddy, a user can conveniently output AS 9102 reports and interface with Minitab, JMP and MS Excel. We will assist in selecting a Prolink software option for any size industry.


Having the ability to generate a fixture and create a complete inspection plan for multiple part runs helps in saving time and money. With R&R Fixtures, you can do exactly this. All that is required is to help us identify your CMM or vision system, so that we can make the best recommendation for a customized package of accessories. These accessories can save time and again be re-configured to re-build another fixture. With short ROI on your investment, these fixtures bring an immeasurable value.


We carry a full range of Renishaw CMM probing and accessories. Renishaw is a fine product offering of state of the art CMM and Machine Tool Probing World-Wide. Probing varies from simple fixed probes to sophisticated articulated probe heads. Renishaw quality is tested and proven over the years and customers purchase these items with confidence.

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MicroVu Vertex 251 UC

MicroVu Vertex 251 UC
Automatic Vision Measurement System
LED Lights, surface, Backlight and Co-ax
10x6x6 inch stage…

Mitutoyo Precision 24 Inch Height Gage, LH-600E

Mitutoyo Precision 24 Inch Height Gage, LH-600E
Air flotation device in XY motion
Mitutoyo dedicated Microprocessor…


Pre-Owned Certified Mitutoyo AE-122 CMM
This machine is a work horse, Granite base, Gantry style…


Micro-Vu VF7 is a fast, two dimensional, high precision measurement machine.
Micro-Vu’s InSpec Metrology Software…

Optical Comparator

Starrett HD400
Dual Lens system with readout box
Convert from Metric to Inches or otherwise.
Erect image

Zeiss Duramax

Condition: Excellent
Machine travel: 500x500x500mm
Max. work piece weight 100 Kg.
Probe sensor: Zeiss Vast XXT
Scanning and…

Mitutoyo 231 CMM

Measuring range: 28x28x18 Inch
A work- horse, manually operated machine
Backed with CMM Measure manager software

Mitutoyo 241 CMM

Extra clean
Measuring range: 28x40x18 Inch
Historically, a work- horse, manually operated CMM machine
Backed with QC…

Romer arm 2 Meter with Laser

Equipped with suite of Poly-Works premium 2017 to support CAD and scanning Tripod
Absolute Arm…

Micro-Vu Vertex 220

Best vision system for shop use.
Stage travel: 200x150x150 mm
Automatic with a programable zoom lens

Micro-Vu Excel UC 502

Extra clean in an almost new condition.
Machine travel: 500x400x250 mm
A 10 Inch travel Z…

Zeiss OI 322 (Multi Sensor Vision Measuring system)

Condition: Excellent
Machine travel: 300x200x200mm
Max. work piece weight 20 Kg.
Vision & Probe sensor: Zeiss Vast…

Zeiss Contura

Condition: Excellent
Machine travel: 700x1000x600 mm
Probing system: Articulating probe head RDS system
Enables scanning at all…

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